"When you are in the middle of a story it isn’t a story at all, but only a confusion; a dark roaring, a blindness, a wreckage of shattered glass and splintered wood; like a house in a whirlwind, or else a boat crushed by the icebergs or swept over the rapids, and all aboard powerless to stop it. It’s only afterwards that it becomes anything like a story at all. When you are telling it, to yourself or to someone else."

Margaret Atwood: Alias Grace

„I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that.
Lauren Bacall (1924-2014)

„I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that.

Lauren Bacall (1924-2014)

"Es fällt auf, dass es in all den Gesprächen meist um Laura geht, selten um den Jungen, der sie aufforderte, das Video zu schicken, oder um Leo, der es verbreitete. Die Moral eines Mädchens scheint noch immer anders bewertet zu werden als die eines Jungen. Warum sind gerade die Mädchen so gnadenlos? Warum suchen sie die Schuld nur bei Laura? Vielleicht weil ihre Mitschülerin ihnen näher ist, als sie sich eingestehen mögen? Nicht nur Außenseiter sexten. Außenseiter sind durch Sexting bloß besonders verletzlich."

Reportage in der ZEIT

»Nothing will work unless you do.»

Maya Angelou

you and i
are going to have
a big
love affair
and it won’t work
but somewhere in
the middle
my god, we tried.

(i love boxie)


From Sabrina (1957).

»We live in a world where virtually all aspects of sex, gender, and sexuality are either glorified, stigmatized, sensationalized, demonized, or objectified. Perhaps it’s time for us to move beyond portraying desire as something that is either wholly positive or negative. Instead, let’s embrace ambivalence, and learn how to talk about both the good and the bad, both the empowering and disempowering aspects of being a gendered and sexual person. Let’s find ways to discuss both the ecstasy and the difficulties of being embodied, making life choices, finding love, and having sex, all while navigating our way trough the minefields of stereotypes, norms, hierarchies.«

Julia Serano: Excluded – Making Feminist And Queer Movements More Inclusive


Monica Vitti, "L’Eclisse" (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1962).


Monica Vitti, "L’Eclisse" (Michelangelo Antonioni, 1962).